About ME

I am currently a Master's student in HCI & Design at UC Irvine with an expected graduation date of Sep. 2017.  I have a B.S. in biology and sociology from Furman University. I always had a passion for research and worked as a medical researcher at the Medical University of South Carolina after completing my undergrad.

Eventually I yearned for a more creative outlet that would also let me bring my research abilities into play and I quickly discovered the field of UX/UI. And I am so ecstatic that I did! My multi-disciplinary background has helped me immensely in the field of HCI, especially when it comes to being fiercely analytic. I know how to ask the important questions, understand people, and provide practical solutions. I place a large emphasis on grounding my design decisions in tangible user research.

In my spare time, I like to take photos, volunteer at my local animal shelter, and read about ethical issues in technology.

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