Hi there! Welcome to my page.

I’ve been an inquisitive person since I was young. I’ve been a researcher since my high school days where I took special research courses that helped me hone in on my skills of setting up experiments and analyzing data. I earned my B.S. in biology and sociology from Furman University. While working in medical research, I began researching and re-designing complex databases and electronic health records. I knew I wanted to take my skillset into the more fast-paced tech world so I went on to complete my Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction & Design from UC Irvine.  

I always had a passion for research and worked as a research specialist, program coordinator, and wearer-of-many-UX-hats for three years after completing my bachelor's. I currently work as an in-house researcher at a large entertainment technology company, where I manage and conduct both qualitative and quantitative studies. In addition to just pure research, I also spearhead and support key initiatives to permeate research throughout the organization, which I’m happy to discuss any time.

My multi-disciplinary background has helped me immensely in the field of HCI, especially when it comes to being fiercely analytic. I grew up learning both quantitative and qualitative methods and I employ both types in my work. More importantly, though, I know when to employ the best methods for each project based on the research needs. I know how to ask the important questions, understand people, employ sound methods, analyze and present information in a story-driven way, and provide actionable solutions.

In my spare time, I am passionate about music as I write freelance for a music website. I also enjoy hiking, camping under the stars in the beautiful national parks in California, botanical gardens, taking photos, volunteering at my local animal shelter, and reading about ethical issues in technology.

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